• Domu Spa

Domu SPA: Natural Experience

time for yourself

An exclusive, intimate and welcoming space, dedicated to wellness and relaxation for couples or small groups of people.

Inside you will be enveloped by the benefits of the dry and intense heat of the Finnish Sauna and the purifying and soothing ones of the Turkish Bath, to indulge in a refreshing and regenerating bath in the large tub, pampered by various types of whirlpool. A simple and enveloping path in an alternation of steam, perfume, heat and jets of water.

Even during the warmer months of the year, the sauna brings considerable benefits to the body: it strengthens the circulatory system, improves the skin by giving it more brightness and oxygen, strengthens the immune system, promotes the elimination of toxins and heavy metals, relaxes the muscles conciliating sleep, but another very important factor is that, the dry heat accustoms our body to better withstand the heat of summer.

The cabin, equipped and modern is followed by expert hands, the operators are highly professional, empathetic and sensitive to every need.

Spa kit: bathrobe, towel, slippers. Wellness space with herbal teas and water.